Friday, December 30, 2011

How information distribute

I am thinking about the difference between email, QQ/MSN, twitter,blog, Facebook/Google+, Yelp/Dianping, Douban, Google group, web forum and mail group. It is possible to merge them together? Actually it is all about how to distribute information.

The first step is to identify who you are. In email, we use email address; in QQ/MSN, we use QQ number/Windows live ID; in web forum, we use user name. One thing need to emphasize, email is wonderful. Since we could talk with other in different world. But for others, you could only talk with one in same world. I think we need to talk with other worlds since it is impossible and not safe to only have one identify system. But in QQ/MSN world, it seems we lost it. But web forum/web site, open ID is a good solution, but seems still long way to work.

Then you could decide who could read this information? Public or some groups or just one of your friends. Facebook did first step for this, and Google follow next with circle. But still, both Google and Facebook could only identify the guy in their world and there is no way to control access right based on email, QQ/MSN and mail group address. Maybe it is too complicated to implement and for user to decide. We need some break through on it, especially for email which nearly everyone have.

Third is to notification. How should you know which information need to read and which could ignore, especially the information is huge. We need some way to control the important level of information. Generally, we will read every email/QQ/MSN information and decide if to take action. But for web forum, it seems impossible, sometime we don't do that. This is also similar in Facebook. I think it is most important to develop some systems to solve this problem. WE COULD NOT READ EVERY INFORMATION!

Finally is how to find the information. There is so many information and how do you find them? Forum/group are a better way to organize information into different category. Facebook and Google+ is trying to give information weight based on how many people like it.

From this point of view, email,QQ/MSN is more similar which is distributed based on single one; twitter/blog is distributed to public by default; Facebook/Gooogle+ and mail group are distributed on groups; Forum/group is distributed not on identify, but on subject.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Everything need to be more simple - 1

Since lots of Chinese website leak the private user information, like phone, password and address, I have to change lots of my password. I see one of my old password in Tianya's database. I really don't believe that so many website store the real password, not the hash value.It is so ridiculous.

When I change the password, I realized that I have registered so many mails box, so many communication account and so many SNS website. QQ, MSN, Yahoo message, Weibo, twitter, Facebook, Google +, flicker,, drop-box. Do I need so many website? And you will find it is hard to delete account, especially for Chinese website. How many user name and passwd does I need to manage them?

We really need to think about do we really need so many website? For communication, long time before, people talk face-to-face or just write mail by hand. Now, we have email, QQ/MSN/gtalk, twitter/weibo, Facebook/orkut/Kaixin/renren/G+. Internet is changing very fast, but what do we need really?

Communication is the basic requirement for human being. Like the internet, we have two type of talk: real time talk and delay time talk.

  • Presentation, phone,video talk and QQ/MSN belong to real time talk. Someone send the message and you response very quickly with little delay. You really don't have so many time to think.
  • SMS, email, twitter/weibo, blog and Facebook belong to delay talk. Someone send message to you, and you don't need to response right now. You could think and reply later.

All of core of talk is sharing and receiving. Different ways of communication has the different efficiency to distribute it to others.For real time talk, It all depends how easy you find others and how easy you send the information. And it is also related to how do you control the incoming information.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

password protection strategy

Basic knowledge of pass word

  • hack time is decided by password length.
  • Always use https for web password talk otherwise you are showing your password for hacker

Consequence of pass word leakage.

  • money lost.
  • privacy leakage: include email, phone, address, ID number, your true name.
  • cheating your friends in your communication SW like QQ/MSN/twitter

What password protection could not do:

  • If big brother like government want to get your information, they even don't need password, especially in China.
  • If the internal employee leakage the privacy information, password could not protect it.

password strategy:

  • use long enough password
  • change important password regularly
  • set different password for different websites
  • never set the same password for your register email and website
  • never leakage your personal information to QQ!

Thursday, December 22, 2011



  • 我们为什么能忍受极权?

  • 从历史发展的角度来看,大多数国家在1900年前都选择的是极权统治方式,而不是民主。但在2011年的今天,越来越多的国家和人民选择走上街头,反抗独裁统治者。这是否和生产方式以及人民的收入水平有关?