Tuesday, October 26, 2010

what we could do after 45 years old in China

today in a workshop, a HR manager told everyone that after 45 years old, the employee in a foreign company in China will meet a big competition pressure from young.

The cause of this phenomenon is that there are too many young people in China. Maybe several years later when the population benefits disappear in China, this situation will improve

My question is that we always will meet this problem although the population benefits disappear. Because the young India guys will rob the work position from us, like what we do currently from Euro.

In order to solve this problem, what should we do in the career plan? I don't know the answer, maybe the only way is to be a manager.

The difference between ipad and normal computer

ipad is used for just entertainment, like video,music and game. For such kind of activities, you don't need many keyboard input and complex action. What you need is just some quick clicks

For computer, it is used for key board activities, like writing documents in office and some professional software operation. For this kind of the activities, they have two kinds of the feathers

  • long time operation which need the people have to sit at the desk and need a vertical screen.
  • many key board and complex operation.
  • for ipad, normally we just need to put it in our hand and the screen will be horizontal. It is a big difference with laptop.

    Sunday, October 24, 2010


    page20: 从社会的意义上理解官僚政治,就是说,在此种政治下,“政府权力全把握于官僚手中,官僚有权侵犯普通公民的自由“官僚把政府措施看为为自己图谋利益的勾当。 page22: 所以,在专制政治出现的瞬间,就必然会使政治权力把握在官僚手中,也就必然会相伴而带来官僚政治。官僚政治是专制政治的副产物和补充物 page37: 但我相信,一个私有财产制不存在的社会,一般生产大众皆有政治发言权的社会,任何一种当作社会体制看的官僚政治形态是决计无法生根的。 page53:如果在自然经济形式上的封建制度,以政权的非集中化为特征,但只要生产关系仍然是封建的,这个特征虽然有了重要的变化,或甚至消失了,封建制度的本质仍然没有变更。




    历史不知道会不会重演?60年前是农民造反,今年也许就是那些成千上万呆在学校,承担着巨大生存压力的学生们。 城市其实是一个非线性的非稳定系统,稍微的扰动也许会造成整个系统的崩溃.