Friday, June 29, 2012

Reading note 1 on "Beyong feelings"

Watson is the "father of behviorism" and advised the advertisers to "tell [consumer] something that will tie him up with fear, something that will stir up a mild rage, taht will call out an affectation or love response, or strike at a deep psychological or babit need." His attitude toward the consumer is "the consumer is t to manufacturer, the department stores and the advertising agencies, what the green frog is to the phsyologist."

The educator has observed that when the children saw themselves as stuipd in a particular subject, they unconsciously acted to confirm their self-image. They belived they are stupid, so they acted that way.

Malts's research documents that lack of confidence impedes performance, a valueable insight.

  1. Treat your fist reaction to any person, issue, or situdation as tentative.
  2. Decide why you reacted as you didi.
  3. Think of other possible reactions.
  4. Ask yourself whether one of the other reaction is more appropriate than your first reacting.

Most of us most of time do not think at all. We believe and we fell, but we do not think.

John Devey once observed that more of our time than most of us care to admit is spent "trifling with mental pictures, random recollections, pleasant but unfounded hopes, flitting, half-developed impressions."

Critical thinking and discussion

  1. Whenever possible, prepare in advance.
  2. Set reasonable expectation.
  3. Leave egotism and personal agenda at the door.
  4. Contribuate but dont' dominate
  5. Avoid distracting speech mannerisms
  6. Listen actively
  7. Judge ideas responsibly
  8. Resist the urge to hout or interrupt

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