Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Linode VPS installation

first step is to init pacman and update system

  1. init pacman for package verification function according to link
  2. update system to latest one: pacman -Syu

next step is to add user and configure ssh

  1. add normal login user with useradd. Add user to group: wheel,log and systemctl-journal
  2. add user git with useradd
  3. update sudo with visudo
  4. add public key in .ssh/authorized_keys for git and normal login user
  5. install git and change user git shell to git-shell.
  6. test ssh public key access and git clone from local computer
  7. disable ssh root access and passwd login
  8. install sshguard

next step is to configure network,time and other system configuration

  1. configure netctl for dhcp (enable both IPv4 and IPv6) and enable this profile as startup service. (I couldn't sucess for static IP configuration) (update: change to system-networkd for statis ip)
  2. set timezone with timedatectl
  3. install ntp and enable it as startup service
  4. set up iptables rules in /etc/iptables/iptables.rules and ip6tables.rules
  5. install bash-completion

next step is to install different application

  1. install vnstat
  2. install shadowsocks
  3. install nginx, spawn-fcgi,python2-webpy,python2-flup,python2-matplotlib,python2-iso8601
  4. install python2-pip and pip2 install --upgrade google-api-python-client
  5. install my own webapplication *.service file and start app

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