Tuesday, June 07, 2011



不得不说,新天地已经没有特别能吸引我的店面了。珠宝首饰我不需要,men fansion完全不对我的口味,H&M, Zara,Gap,优衣库,一个都没有。而有的男装都贵得要命,但样子却实在不是我的口味。


OK, follow is my question: why we need shop like 新天地 if we have Wall-mart and online shopping website? From my point of view, the only advantage of this kind of shopping mall is suitable for high value,high profit luxury which is not needed for me. The online shop will dominate the selling industry.

the question is: how long do we need to eliminate this kind of shop?

this blog is written in 2011-6-7

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