Sunday, June 12, 2011

Purpose of Cellphone

Cellphone become stronger and stronger from performance and functionality point of view. But still one question left in my mind: why do we need the cellphone? Actually the origin purpose of cellphone is contacting. At the beginning, we use voice to talk. Then we use SMS. Actually there are many ways of contacting, like MSN, gtalk, skype. I read some articles which said US&Canada operators earns nearl 20b US dollars from SMS every year. But how many money do Google/MS/Tencent earn from communication SW?

The advantage of cellphone is that nearly everyone use it and carry it whatever he/she is. So you always could find him/her. Unlike MSN/QQ, he maybe not online when you call him/her.

But things change recently, with help of Iphone and LTE, operator will lose many money compared with old operation model. SMS will become less and less; voice calling will became less due to skype or google voice.

So I don't think the life of operator and equipment supplier who is at the bottom of food chain will be better in future.

The question is how should i solve this challenge?

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