Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Everything need to be more simple - 1

Since lots of Chinese website leak the private user information, like phone, password and address, I have to change lots of my password. I see one of my old password in Tianya's database. I really don't believe that so many website store the real password, not the hash value.It is so ridiculous.

When I change the password, I realized that I have registered so many mails box, so many communication account and so many SNS website. QQ, MSN, Yahoo message, Weibo, twitter, Facebook, Google +, flicker,, drop-box. Do I need so many website? And you will find it is hard to delete account, especially for Chinese website. How many user name and passwd does I need to manage them?

We really need to think about do we really need so many website? For communication, long time before, people talk face-to-face or just write mail by hand. Now, we have email, QQ/MSN/gtalk, twitter/weibo, Facebook/orkut/Kaixin/renren/G+. Internet is changing very fast, but what do we need really?

Communication is the basic requirement for human being. Like the internet, we have two type of talk: real time talk and delay time talk.

  • Presentation, phone,video talk and QQ/MSN belong to real time talk. Someone send the message and you response very quickly with little delay. You really don't have so many time to think.
  • SMS, email, twitter/weibo, blog and Facebook belong to delay talk. Someone send message to you, and you don't need to response right now. You could think and reply later.

All of core of talk is sharing and receiving. Different ways of communication has the different efficiency to distribute it to others.For real time talk, It all depends how easy you find others and how easy you send the information. And it is also related to how do you control the incoming information.

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