Sunday, December 25, 2011

password protection strategy

Basic knowledge of pass word

  • hack time is decided by password length.
  • Always use https for web password talk otherwise you are showing your password for hacker

Consequence of pass word leakage.

  • money lost.
  • privacy leakage: include email, phone, address, ID number, your true name.
  • cheating your friends in your communication SW like QQ/MSN/twitter

What password protection could not do:

  • If big brother like government want to get your information, they even don't need password, especially in China.
  • If the internal employee leakage the privacy information, password could not protect it.

password strategy:

  • use long enough password
  • change important password regularly
  • set different password for different websites
  • never set the same password for your register email and website
  • never leakage your personal information to QQ!

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